Saturday, July 05, 2008

Let's visit the CD store to see what we can see

For the latest chapter in my life of non-stop excitement, I'll take you along as I visit Everyday Music, one of our local new-and-used CD stores. Oh, stop yawning... you might be entertained... a little.

First, in the Best News I've Heard All Week category, we have this beautiful sight a couple doors up from the CD store:
El Pollo Loco is coming!

What? It's just a sign, you say? No, no, no! It is the coming of my favorite fast food place from back home in California, El Pollo Loco! I've been whining since I left in 1989 about missing that place, and I drag my poor family all over the place to go to one every time we go back to CA. Soon I'll be able to get my fix anytime. Now if I could just get all my friends to move up here, I'd never have to go home again.

Back to the CD store. While waiting for Husband to search every nook and cranny for Night of the Living Dead 3 (yes, they have DVDs at Everyday Music too), I amused myself by browsing the soundtracks. Check out this gem:
Seen in the soundtrack bin at Everyday Music
Yes, folks, zombie chickens. It's Colonel Sanders' worst nightmare. And I thought Black Sheep was bad.

Now here are a couple for those of you who buy your infant rompers at Hot Topic:
AC/DC lullabies??

All together now:

And you
Will sleep all night long


And of course:
How you can tell Gen X-ers have reached parenthood
I always did think "Enter Sandman" would make a great lullaby. (That's Lullaby Metallica in case the lettering is too small to read)

So there ya go. Other people just go shopping in suburbia. I shop in Absurdia (where I also live and work, but we'll cover those in other posts).

p.s. Didn't I tell you I was going to cheer up?

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