Monday, January 26, 2009

Star Trek Mad Libs - How Nerdy Can You Get?

I've loved Mad Libs ever since middle school, so as soon as my son got old enough to appreciate them, we bought a stack, and the hilarity commenced. My son is a Star Trek nerd, so awhile back he asked me if there were any Star Trek Mad Libs. As far as I could determine, there weren't, so we did what any self-respecting nerd family would do: we made our own! Dear Son has a book called The Star Trek Compendiumthat includes summaries of all the episodes of the original series. I Mad Lib-ized one of the summaries, we filled in our own words, and the results were hilarious. In case you, dear readers, would like to share the fun, I've included our homemade Star Trek Mad Lib below. Just copy it into a blank document, get your friends to suggest some words to fill in the blanks, and prepare to laugh. Helpful hint: It's especially funny with lots of potty-mouth words. Have fun!

Balance of Terror

Stardate _________ (number): The Enterprise is ____________ (verb ending in –ing) along the Romulan ___________ (adjective) Zone, a border between the Federation and the Romulan _____________ (noun). As Captain Kirk is performing the wedding _____________ (noun) of crewmembers ______________ (name of person - female) and _______________ (name of person - male), an Earth outpost announces that it is under attack from the Romulans. Kirk witnesses the destruction of the _______________ (noun) but is helpless to __________ (verb). The Romulans have perfected a/an _______________ (noun) that renders their _______________ (plural noun) invisible, and Kirk reasons he must _______________ (verb) and _______________ (verb) the enemy _______________ (noun) before it can return home. To the surprise of all, _______________ (plural noun) intercepted from the Romulan _______________ (noun) reveal that they look almost exactly like _______________ (nationality – plural), which causes Lieutenant _______________ (last name of person in room) to express his distrust of Mr. Spock. When the Romulan _______________ (noun) is finally cornered, he _______________ (verb ending in -s) his _______________ (noun) rather than surrender—and _______________ (same last name of person in room), whose _______________ (noun) has been saved by Spock, realizes his prejudicial attitude is _______________ (adjective).


Kirk said...

you can never by nerdy enough. I enjoyed this madlib. How would I cite this if I wanted to post it for friends on Facebook?

I meet with friends at my local library in Rancho Cucamonga, CA for a science fiction literature group called Infinite Dominions.

I hope this comment finds you well.


Kirk said...

You can never be nerdy enough. I enjoyed the Balance of Terror Madlib, and would like to post this on Facebook for some of my friends to play along. How would I cite this?

Janet said...

Glad you liked it! Re: citing it, if post the link on Facebook. Since it'll link to the original post, so no citation needed. If you want to post the actual text, please mention the name of my blog and include a link to the original post. Thanks!

eluper said...

I just wrote the Star Trek Mad Libs. Available on Amazon. Enjoy!

Janet Crum said...

@eluper - that's wonderful! Congratulations! My son has a birthday coming up, so I'll buy it right away. Thanks!