Friday, July 23, 2010

Preserve us from errant golf balls!

In case anyone ever wondered whether California's reputation as The Nanny State is justified, I give you the following paragraph from the Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory, part of our home-buying paperwork:

18. ERRANT GOLF BALLS: Buyer and Seller are advised that if theProperty is located adjacent to or near a golf course there is apossibility that golf balls may damage the Property or injure personsor pets on it. Additionally, persons playing golf may enter theProperty to retrieve errant golf balls or for other purposes. Brokerrecommends that Buyer investigate the possibility during Buyer'sInspection contingency period. Brokers do not have expertise in this area.

Fortunately, our soon-to-be home is nowhere near a golf course, so we should be safe from errant golf balls and their equally errant pursuers.


Barbara said...

nice that golfers can retrieve their golf balls. a few courses around here and in Chattanooga have signs posted prohibiting golfers from trespassing on people's property.

Kyle said...

I lived near a golf course years ago. Golfers came all the time. The house got hit on occasion and we lost one car window (never did figure out who dunnit).

Most golfers were pretty decent and had a good sense of humor if the dog ran off with their ball.

However, some idiots who didn't like dogs swung at her with their clubs, got bitten, and we lost her because they were on our property acting like idiots.

Janet said...

@Kyle - wow. I think I would have blanketed the property with No Trespassing signs, collected the golf balls myself, and sold them. And I can't believe you lost your dog because she defended herself from a trespasser. So wrong.