Friday, November 09, 2007

More Halloween fun

I finally got around to uploading some pics from Halloween. I had to come up with a slightly-less-revealing costume to wear to work (I don't wear anything strapless to work... sorry), but I kept the vampire bride theme. My husband made my son's costume, a Borg from Star Trek. And Tony, amazingly enough, didn't really bother dressing up but just threw on his Lord Voldemort cloak and some black contact lenses. For him that's really low-key.

I spent the day being laughed at by my co-workers, then headed home to take my son trick-or-treating and to a party at Papa's Pizza. Not exactly living on the edge, but it was a good day.

Jerry and his friend Chris, ready to raid the neighborhood:
Jerry and Chris

If they don't bring the pizza soon, I'm gonna start biting necks!
Funny thing about this pic: About 5 minutes after I uploaded it to Flickr, it had been viewed 15 times! A few minutes later, it was up to 20 views. None of the other pics I uploaded at the same time had more than a couple views. I think it must've landed on Flickr's front page under Everyone's Photos. Figures. I make a goofy face for a picture, and it ends up getting seen by a boatload of people. *Sigh*

Oddly enough, it was the dark eyes that freaked me out...
Gene Reaper

Well, that's it for this year. Too bad we don't get to wear costumes for Thanksgiving.

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