Friday, March 21, 2008

The book is out!

I spent the summer and fall of 2006 slaving over an article on electronic journals, which I was writing for a reference book. I submitted it at the end of November 2006, got it back with some requested changes in February 2007, made the changes, and waited. And waited. And waited even longer. A few months ago I got the author proofs for a final review, sent in my changes... and waited.

This afternoon I strolled into my office after a half-day meeting across town to find a package waiting for me. A heavy rectangular package. From my publisher. Could it be? Yes! The book is finally published! Even better, they sent me a free copy. The cover price is something like $175, and the publisher originally said that authors wouldn't get any free copies but would have to pay half price, still a chunk of change. Apparently they decided to be a bit more generous, because there was no bill enclosed with the book.

I've been showing it off all afternoon to anyone who will stand still long enough, whipping it out the way other people whip out baby pictures -- which is challenging to do with a large, hardbound reference book. Too bad it won't fit in my purse. Then I could tote it around all weekend and really annoy people. Since I can't do that, I'll show it off here:

The book is finally out!

My chapter:

Hot off the press

Now don't you want to run out and buy a copy for a little light reading? If you do, be sure to use this link, so I can have a cut of the sale.

We academics rarely get paid for our writing. We do all that work out of sheer dedication to our field... and a line on our CVs... and the ego trip of seeing our names in print. I think I've illustrated that last point thoroughly with this post. If any of you are still reading this, thank you for indulging me. I'm going to shove my overinflated ego back in its place now, before it runs amuck and starts accosting the neighbors.

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