Friday, April 11, 2008

Anything (almost) is funnier with Yakety Sax

Somehow my son has discovered Yakety Sax, made famous by the Benny Hill show (which provides ample evidence that the Brits are no more sophisticated than we Yanks are, but I digress...). I came home the other night to find him blasting Yakety Sax while running around in circles. Welcome to the Twilight Zone, or maybe the funny farm. If only I'd had a video camera, I could have blackmailed him all through high school. But once again I digress.

To feed his new obsession, my son has discovered a bunch of videos on YouTube that make interesting uses of this tune. My personal favorite is The Shining:

How about some Star Wars?

Or Star Trek:

Lord of the Rings:

And finally, the incomparable Benny Hill himself:

There's even some 9-11 footage set to Yakety Sax, but even Yakety Sax can't make that funny.

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