Friday, April 18, 2008

Gives a whole new meaning to "potty mouth"

OK, so I'm in the restroom at work this afternoon, when I hear someone enter the stall next to me, along with the telltale sounds of a cell phone being dialed. Sure enough, as she starts doing her business, she also starts yakking--loudly--on the phone. Sounds carry in a bathroom, magnifying her voice even more. I flush, but she goes right on yakking, even though the toilets here flush loudly, so the person on the other end had to have heard the sound.

Now I'm no stickler for decorum (OK, you don't have to agree quite so vigorously), but really... can't you even pee without talking on the phone? And wouldn't you be embarrassed to have the person on the other end of the line hear a loud FLUSH during the conversation? Have a little class, people.

And, I might add, have a little respect for other people using the bathroom. Is there nowhere we can go to escape your inane yabbering? Sheesh.

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