Friday, August 08, 2008

More beach pics

Till a few weeks ago, I hadn't been to the beach since September. Now I've gone twice, and I'm probably going again tomorrow. On the last trip, we drove to the Surfrider south of Lincoln City, then drove back up the coast to Tillamook on the way home the next day. Here are a few pics:

Jerry jonesing for coffee (yeah, they start young here in the Northwest):
Coffee... I need coffee...

Cape Meares lighthouse and one of the clearest, bluest skies I've ever seen on the Oregon coast:

This was a throwaway shot through the lens of the lighthouse, but it turned out sort of cool with my shadow and the view of the coast through the lens.
Through the lens of the Cape Meares lighthouse

Ah, to be 10 again...

Chowin' down on some shellfish:
Mmmm... mussels...

Next up: some pics from the trip to Seattle this week, then whatever pics I take at the beach tomorrow. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why I even bother unpacking my suitcase in the summer.

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