Saturday, August 18, 2007

Finally a post about the Night Ranger show

It's been a busy week, so I'm behind on my blogging. I'm also getting ready to leave for a week in Alaska with the family, so writing time is very limited. But I do want to post something about the Night Ranger concert I went to last weekend.

Last Saturday night was a blast. Hubby and I drove to The Dalles (town about an hour and a half from here in the Columbia River Gorge) to see Night Ranger at an outdoor music festival called Neon Nights. I used to be a diehard Night Ranger fan with a huge crush on Jack Blades, but I hadn't seen them live since about 1985. We had other stuff to do that day and ended up leaving late, so I figured we'd get lousy seats. When we got there, the people selling tickets asked us if we wanted the regular $25 tickets or the "up close and personal" $35 tickets. Well, gee, let me think... After ponying up our $35 each, we walked to the concert area and discovered that there were maybe 15 people in the up close and personal section--and they weren't even up by the stage! So we just walked up and took our places front row center. Nice! By the time Night Ranger took the stage, there were a few more people up there but still not very many. Apparently the people who bought tickets in advance weren't offered the $35 tickets. I bet they weren't too happy. But we were.

The show was amazing! There are only three of the five original members left--Jack Blades, Brad Gillis, and Kelly Keagy--but the band still sounds great. They also seemed to be having a great time. Turns out Jack is hilarious. If he ever gets tired of making music, he could have a promising career in stand-up comedy. They goofed around between songs and even did a cover of AC/DC's Highway to Hell, with Jack doing his best (and pretty darn good) Bon Scott impression.

We took a ton of pictures:

Brad Gillis being a guitar god:

Jack Blades doing his thing:

The best drummer-vocalist in rock:

Group shot:

I posted more pics from the show in my Flickr account.

So that's about it for now. We leave for Alaska on Monday, but meanwhile we're going to a BBQ tonight and a family reunion tomorrow. Life is never dull!

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