Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How to do a Pelvic Exam

No, I haven't taken up a new hobby :-)

To catch up on the medical blogosphere, I checked out this week's Grand Rounds, which included a link to a great post called How to do a Pelvic Exam. In it, the poster takes us through an instructional video from the New England Journal of Medicine (available to authorized users only), designed to show doctors how to perform every woman's favorite medical exam. I haven't watched the video (yet), but the post is fascinating and even funny in places. Women, you'll find out just what doctors are looking for when they're rearranging your female anatomy. Guys... well, if you read this post, you might understand why your complaints about "turn your head and cough" don't garner much sympathy from us females.


Rachel said...

"even funny in places" - Yep, that's going on the tombstone. ;) Thanks for the link. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Janet said...

Hey, I respect anyone who can make a pelvic exam seem funny!