Thursday, October 25, 2007

More pictures from Camp Magruder

I've been without reliable internet access at home since last week, so I haven't been able to post much. My connection still isn't right, so I'm posting from work.

I'm posting another batch of pictures from the church retreat at Camp Magruder a couple weeks ago. Camp Magruder is a Methodist camp on a spit of sand between the Pacific Ocean and a small freshwater lake. The pics below are of the lake, taken at about 9 am. The morning light brings out reflections in the lake's surface.

Similar scene in black and white:


Black and white boathouse:

Dontcha just want to dip a paddle in the water?

While I was at camp, I acquired a new nickname: The Donkey Whisperer. One of the camp donkeys, Jonah, has quit giving rides or cooperating with his handlers much. No one's quite sure what his problem is. Anyway, after watching two of the camp staff try to get him to walk, I wandered over for a closer look. Jonah walked right up to me and started nuzzling me. And I thought my ability to attract asses was limited to human males! So I hung out with Jonah for awhile. When the other donkeys headed out for their walk, each carrying a small child, I decided to see if Jonah would join the parade. With a little encouragement, he fell into line with the others and started walking. The camp staff were stunned, since Jonah had refused to walk for any of them in quite some time. I had a little trouble getting him to quit eating seaweed on the beach, but otherwise he was quite well-behaved. Go figure.

Here's a pic of Jonah and me, two asses on the beach:

And yeah, there are probably quite a few more ass jokes to be made at my expense. Bring 'em on!

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