Saturday, October 11, 2008

Extreme Pumpkins, 2008 Edition

Janet's puking pumpkin A couple of years ago, I wrote a brief post about the 2005 extreme pumpkin contest winners. For awhile that post came up as the third results when Googling "extreme pumpkins," so I got a lot of blog traffic around Halloween. In case that happens again this year--and as a public service for all those weirdos out there who, like me, enjoy gutting and carving innocent squash--I've decided to put together a short guide to resources for extreme pumpkin carving.

ExtremePumpkins.Com: Home of the aforementioned extreme pumpkin contest, this site offers a ton of stuff, much of it free and the rest cheap: Instructions for preparing and carving pumpkins (including a video), great photos of extreme pumpkins, some carving patterns which you can download for a few dollars, and instructions for using gasoline and other flammable materials to do pumpkin pyrotechnics. The emphasis here is on the funny, gross, and disturbing, rather than the cutesy designs you find on other pumpkin carving sites. The site is run by Tom Nardone, reigning king of extreme pumpkins and author of:

If you're as warped as I am, you'll love Nardone's work.

Since we're on the subject of books, I found one other book on extreme pumpkin carving:

For additional inspiration, search for extreme pumpkins on Flickr and YouTube.

I'm thinking of doing a cannibal pumpkin this year. Should be fun.

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