Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Now Google can save you from yourself

What's more fun than drunk dialing? Drunk emailing, of course! Now, instead of just embarrassing yourself with one person, you can have your drunken ramblings forwarded to 250 of your closest friends, your boss, and probably 10 or 20 total strangers. How can you prevent such a devastating occurrence? Well, you could cut back on your drinking, but where's the fun in that? Instead, the company that helps you find important information--the name of the Black 'N Blue's drummer (Pete Holmes, in case you were wondering), get directions to that cool club downtown that won't let you in, and find that picture your friend took of your butt last year--comes to your rescue once again. Google Labs just announced Mail Goggles, a GMail add-on designed to keep you from embarrassing yourself after a night of drinking. The concept is delightfully simple: Once you install Mail Goggles, you won't be able to send any email late on a weekend night without solving a series of math problems within a specified time period. And you thought you left timed math tests behind in 5th grade.

Install Mail Goggles, and never again will you declare your undying love for someone you talked to for five minutes in a bar, call your boss unprintable names, or proposition your cousin... well, at least you won't do any of these things via GMail... unless you can do basic math despite a blood alcohol level that should render you clinically dead. Hey, there are no sure things in life, right?

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