Monday, December 31, 2007

Another year over...

New Year's Eve: A time for those of us who aren't getting wasted to take stock of the year that has passed and contemplate new opportunities in the coming year... or something like that. I'm far too lazy to write anything profound tonight, so I'll settle for a photo-laden romp through the highlights of 2007:


I rang in the new year at a club in Santa Clara. Y & T was on the stage, Kristy and I were in the front row, and life was good (and loud!). At midnight a bunch of balloons came down, and the band launched into "Midnight in Tokyo". 2007 has potential, I thought.

A bit later in the month, I was off to Seattle for a business trip.
Space Needle greeting


Not much of interest happened in February, and that was just fine with me. I'm not a superstitious person, but February historically has been an unlucky month for me. This year, it was just another 28 days of winter.


I made up for a boring February in March, with a concert, my 40th birthday, and a trip to Disneyland.
Jars of Clay in Vancouver, WA:

40th birthday dinner cruise:

40th birthday party with co-workers:

Chillin' with Mickey in Disneyland:
It wouldn't be a trip to Disneyland without a pic with Mickey


The annual church plant sale! We raised over $1500 for preschool scholarships and had a great time selling plants.
Christ United Methodist Church plant sale 2007


Back to California for a business trip and some R&R, including a trip to Santa Cruz to ride the Giant Dipper:
Empty Dipper train... a rare sight


Summertime -- and the beginning of our summer travel season!
Camping at Wallowa Lake, OR:



Off to the ALA Annual Conference in Washington, DC:
US Supreme Court

And Jerry's 9th birthday party:
Tony and Jerry at Jerry's 9th b-day party


4th of July fireworks:
Let's play with fire!

Since Tony didn't have a very good 40th birthday in '06 (he was recovering from a knee injury), I decided to take him somewhere cool for his 41st -- Universal Studios!

Harry Potter is practically a member of our family, so the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was a big deal at Camp Crum. Tony went to the midnight release party at our local Border's dressed as Lord Voldemort:
Lord Voldemort goes to the Harry Potter release party
I went to sleep early but spent the next day reading the entire book.


August began on a sad note, as we watched our dear feline friend Bubbles grow weaker and weaker. We said goodbye to her on Aug. 9th, and we still miss her.
Bubbles, 1988-August 9, 2007

The rest of the month passed quickly. First, a Night Ranger concert:

Next, a family reunion, where Jerry met a couple of his cousins for the first time:

And finally a weeklong adventure in Alaska:



September = Def Leppard month! Three concerts over about three weeks!
Def Leppard at White River Amphitheater, 9/26/07

Oh, yeah, and Tony and I celebrated our 16th anniversary with a trip to the Oregon Coast:


Like August, October began on a sad note, when one of Tony's high school friends died. We drove down to Eugene for the funeral, which turned into a mini-reunion of family and friends.

About a week later, we headed back to the coast for our annual church retreat at Camp Magruder.

Then of course there was Halloween.
Kristy, Matt, Tony, and me at John's party:

Trekking through the San Joaquin Delta the day after the party:

Goofing off at a pumpkin farm on Sauvie Island:

And Halloween night:


Finally an uneventful month.


Black 'N' Blue concert

A quiet Christmas, followed by a trip to Mt. Rainier to enjoy some snow:

And that's about it for 2007. It was a pretty good year, and it passed much too quickly. It doesn't seem possible that it's been a year since Y & T melted my eardrums on New Year's Eve. I hope 2008 goes a bit more slowly, but somehow I doubt it will.

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