Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pretty flowers to brighten the long nights

This time of year, when the days are short, dreary, and wet, I look for color wherever I can find it. Luckily I don't have to go far, since the orchids in my kitchen are blooming. I wrote a complete blog post about orchids in my garden blog, Rainy Day Gardening, but I'm posting a few pictures here too, because they're so cheery and colorful. And after the storm this weekend, I appreciate cheery and colorful more than usual.

I don't know what species this one is. I got it on sale after it had finished blooming, and the tag was missing.

Oncidium Mtssa Royal Robe 'Jerry's Pick'

Cymbidium, variety unknown. I forgot to bring it in from the unheated greenhouse before the cold weather started, so it developed some brown spots on the blooms. Normally it's pure yellow.
Yellow cymbidium with some ugly brown spots

I hope y'all are warm and dry, wherever you are.

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