Thursday, December 06, 2007

Online Class: Social Bookmarking Resources

I don't usually blog about work stuff, but I'm going to make an exception. Some colleagues and I are teaching an online class for library staff on Web 2.0 tools and resources. The content is divided into modules, each one lasting a week. I've been teaching for the last couple of weeks, and I have a couple more weeks to go. Because of the online format, I've created quite a bit of written documentation for the students, stuff I would normally cover with face-to-face instruction. I'm going to share some of that material here on my blog, in case someone might find it useful.

My first module dealt with social bookmarking services:, Furl, and StumbleUpon, as well as the social news sites Digg and Reddit. For that module, I created the following materials:


  1. Goals and Schedule:
  2. Introduction to Social Bookmarking:
  3. Social Bookmarking Exercises:

Presentations and Other Materials

If you're a librarian or trainer and want to use these materials in your own instruction, you're welcome to do so. Just please give me credit and link back to the original documents.

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