Thursday, September 06, 2007

Alaska Adventure Days 7-8: Goofing Around in Anchorage and Heading Home

August 27-28, 2007

For our last day in Alaska, we decided to do some low-key, kid-friendly things. Our first stop was the Alaska Zoo. It’s fairly small but has the essential Arctic animals: polar bears, musk oxen, caribou, and yaks, plus bears, tigers, and other typical zoo denizens.

After the zoo, we ventured out to one of the many parks in town. We didn’t spend much time in the park itself, but we had some excitement on the way there. Here in Portland, we occasionally see raccoons or deer by the side of the road. Here’s what we saw grazing along the road in Anchorage:

Moose on the loose

The funniest part was that no one even seemed to notice except us! We’re such tourists.

We ended our day at H2Oasis, a cool but really expensive indoor water park. The wave pool and the river float rocked, and Jerry loved the pirate ship. The park also has a big water slide that’s about 4 stories high, but you have to ride in pairs, and Tony and Jerry were chicken. I should have taken the opportunity to ride it with some cute guy half my age, but I decided to be nice.

After the water park, it was time to pack up and get ready to fly home Tuesday morning. The weather for our flight was gorgeous, so we had an incredible view from the plane:




All in all, it was a great trip. But there’s so much of Alaska that we didn’t get to see—I hope we can go back one of these years.

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