Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Today's randomness

So I thought about writing a thought-provoking post about 9/11, but I'm just not in the mood to be that serious. Maybe next year. Instead, since today has been sort of random, I thought I'd share some random stuff that's crossed my path in the last couple days:

1. I heard on the radio this morning that Sammy Hagar will turn 60 (that's six-zero!) next month. Holy crap! The man who gave us I Can't Drive 55 and Mas Tequila is going to be 60? How the heck did that happen?

2. Yesterday I went to a meeting near Seattle with some co-workers. On the way up there, we saw a couple funny things, which thanks to my camera phone I can share here:


Just taking his rock out for a drive...

The first one is a huge inflatable gorilla, used to advertise some store in Tacoma (a furniture store, I think). He's quite freaky-looking. The second pic shows someone taking his rock out for a nice drive on the freeway. When we looked closer, we realized the rock was plastic and hollow, but it still looked really bizarre.

3. Today, on my way back from a meeting across town, I saw a van drive by with two flags protruding from it. That's not so uncommon. But. These flags were *huge*. And. One was an American flag (not unexpected, since it's Sept. 11), but the other one was... the Jolly Roger! Huh?? Apparently we have a patriotic pirate in town. I really wanted to chase him down and ask him what was up with the pirate flag, but I decided I'd better get back to work, especially since I had a co-worker in the car with me. I really wish I could have gotten a pic, but I was driving, and traffic was heavy, so no such luck.

Rock stars eligible for senior citizen discounts, inflatable jungle creatures, rocks and pirates on the road... I'm confused.


Anonymous said...

PDX has a fairly large "pirate community" (you know you're in trouble when you refer to any fringe subset as a community). See

and if for some reason you *need* medieval/renaissance pirates, I can put you in touch with said sea dogs. aaaarrrrrr.


Janet said...

Oh, my. Apparently I need to get out more. Do any of the local pirates look like Jack Sparrow? If so, send 'em over!