Sunday, September 30, 2007

The last of the concerts and some comic relief courtesy of Tony

Wednesday night was my last Def Leppard concert for this tour--and also their last US show on this tour. They played with Styx and Foreigner at the White River Amphitheater, a cool venue southeast of Seattle in Auburn, WA. I finally got to see Foreigner this time. They weren't on the bill in Clark County, and I missed most of their set in Concord, because I was helping out a friend who lost her ticket (long story). The only original member is Mick Jones, who looks a bit like Jimmy Buffet:


Their new lead singer is Kelly Hansen, formerly of Hurricane, who looks like a skinny Steven Tyler:
He sounds quite a bit like Lou Gramm, though, so they sounded just like the old days.

The Leps played the same set they've been playing at every show. This time, in addition to taking a boatload of pictures, I tried shooting some video with my digital camera. I had mixed results. I got a nice video of "Rock On," complete with the bass solo intro. I tried to video "Mirror, Mirror," mostly because I figured they'd never play it live again after this tour. I did something wrong, though, and it never recorded. I guess I'll have to search YouTube to see if anyone else recorded it. Speaking of YouTube, I'll load my "Rock On" video as soon as I figure out how to reduce the size, because right now the file is way over YouTube's maximum. If anyone reading this knows of a good video converter, please speak up.

Rather than post a whole bunch of pics, I'll just include a collage:
Def Leppard at White River Amphitheater, 9/26/07
If you want to see all of them, hop on over to

Before I sign off, I have to include a funny story. Tony went with us this time (he's a closet Leppard fan), and he was responsible for the funniest thing that happened all night. Foreigner encored with two songs, "Hot Blooded," and their sappy ballad from 1984, "I Want to Know What Love Is." That song probably got played at every high school dance in America at one point. Kelly Hansen introduced it in the usual cheesy way, by encouraging the crowd to grab someone close to them (hopefully not a random stranger, but I digress...). Cue the opening notes of the sappy ballad. Just then Tony leans over to me and says... Are you ready for this? He says...

I need to fart.

Yep. I married Mr. Romance. And no, he wasn't joking. *Sigh*

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