Monday, September 24, 2007

A trip down memory lane with Schoolhouse Rock

My husband brought home a reproduction of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for my son. As soon as Son started reading the preamble to the Constitution, I started singing it, thanks to Schoolhouse Rock. That sent me scurrying for my computer, where, thanks to the wonders of YouTube, I was able to introduce my 9-year-old to Schoolhouse Rock, without which I would never have learned the aforementioned preamble.

Just an aside: How many of you Readers of a Certain Age, when required to memorize the preamble in school, were unable to recite it without singing it? That was me... and my entire 7th grade class. We really should have made costumes and done it as musical theater.

Anyhoo, if you are old like me and want to relive Saturday mornings in the 70s, or if you're a young 'un who wants to see what passed for educational television back then, come along with me, back to the decade of Watergate, the Bicentennial, disco... and Schoolhouse Rock:

How a Bill Becomes a Law

Conjunction Junction

Elbow Room

And of course, the Preamble

There are more. Just search YouTube for Schoolhouse Rock. Oh, and my son loved them. We might just have to buy him the 30th anniversary DVD collection, which includes all of them:

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