Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Trip pics part 2

The next set of pics are from Wallowa Lake in Northeastern Oregon's Blue Mountains. It's rugged, beautiful country, part of the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Most of the area is very isolated, but the area around Wallowa Lake has some fun touristy things to do.

Here's a pic of Wallowa Lake, taken through the car window as we drove by (hence the blurry shrubbery in the foreground):
Wallowa Lake

The view from just behind our campsite:
View from behind our campsite
The rushing water was great for drowning out the noise from the party across the river. Too bad we weren't invited; it sounded like they were having a great time.

Wallowa Lake Tramway:
Wallowa Lake Tramway
The tram ride lasts 15 minutes and goes up about 3800 feet, to the top of Mt. Howard (which is about 8200 feet). The views on the way up and at the top are amazing.

View from atop Mt. Howard:

And finally... a funny interpretive sign on Mt. Howard:
Funny interpretive sign
Touristus variablus... too funny.

That's enough for now. You can look forward to at least two more installments of trip pics, which I'll probably post tomorrow. I'm off to Washington, DC, Thursday through Saturday. Then I'll have a bunch of monument pictures to inflict on you.

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