Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cute chicks

Here's the part where all the guys who got excited at the "Cute chicks" title get disappointed...

Let me introduce you to our brand new flock of chickens!
The whole flock

We got the three larger ones on the left last weekend--one barred rock (the black one) and two gold sex links. When we got them, they were as small as the other two--chicks grow *fast*. e also got an Araucauna, but she only lived one day. We knew she was fragile when we got her--small, with a bum foot--but we felt sorry for her, so we brought her home. The other two we got today: one Araucauna (the brown and tan one, second from right) and one Rhode Island Red (the little cutie on the far right). They're all pullets (we hope), so in a few months we should have a steady supply of eggs, as well as five hungry hens flapping and bagawking around the new chicken run in our side yard. Should be entertaining.

In the meantime, the little fluffballs are bunking with us. We have them in a plastic storage bin under a heat lamp next to the laundry hamper in our bedroom. We'll move their setup to the garage when they're a little bigger, but for now I want them where I can keep an eye on them. Our bedroom is starting to smell like a feed store, and we get to listen to cheeping all night long, but they're adorable and entertaining. What chickens lack in intelligence, they make up for in personality.

Here are a few more pics:

We nicknamed our barred rock "Houdini," because she's quite the little escape artist.
Houdini ready for her closeup

The gold sex links, who are practically inseparable:
Our two gold sex link chicks

I keep telling my husband he should enjoy this while he can. It's the only time he'll ever get to have five chicks in our bedroom ;-)

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