Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dateline Washington Part 3: Monuments By Night

The night after we arrived in Washington, after a full day of sightseeing, we decided to go back to the Capital Mall in the evening to see some of the monuments at night. Several hours and many photos later, we staggered back to our hotel, completely exhausted. But it was worth it. Take a look:

Washington Monument in the waning light:
Those two red lights near the top are somehow both comical and a little creepy.

And another shot, a bit later in the evening, with the fountains of the World War II memorial in the foreground:

Fountains, part of the World War II memorial:


One of many quotes from the World War II memorial:

Lincoln Memorial against a midnight blue sky:
Amazingly enough, the Lincoln Memorial was swarming with tourists at 10 PM. Buses of teenagers disgorged their noisy, giggly contents, who proceeded to infest the both the Lincoln and Vietnam memorials. Though not exactly solemn, the teens did seem somewhat respectful in both places.

Jerry and me at the Lincoln Memorial:

I highly recommend a nighttime stroll along the Capital Mall. It's cooler and a little more sane, despite the busloads of tourists, and the monuments are gorgeous after dark.

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