Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dateline Washington Part 2: National Air and Space Museum

What's the most-visited museum in the world? The Louve? Nope. The Met? Nope. It's the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum! Who needs Raphael and Da Vinci when you can have airplanes and rockets?

Since I'm no expert on aeronautics or astronautics, this post will contain very little actual information, other than what you just read. Instead, it'll have lots of pictures and a little potty humor. Here we go...

First, let's answer a deep, profound question:
A very important question

And the answer:
And the answer!

Thank goodness the space station has indoor plumbing. The alternative is something I'd prefer not to think about.

Before Star Trek Voyager, a/k/a the Flying Toilet Seat (Wow... more potty humor. Dontcha love these intellectual posts?), there was Voyager, the space probe:
(No, not *that* kind of probe. That's something else I'd prefer not to think about.)

Now let's travel back in time about a century to visit those famous aviators, the Wright Brothers. Here's their first flying machine:


And some slightly less vintage aircraft:

Big ol' landing gear:


War planes:

747 as wall art:

More comfortable than a dog sled:

Thank you for flying with us today. Buh-bye!

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