Sunday, May 27, 2007

Aquarium critters

Time to take a break from garden pictures. Instead, today we have... aquarium pictures! Hubby and I recently redecorated our 100-gal saltwater tank, got rid of some overgrown corals (Kenya tree corals should not be left without supervision... they take over!), and cleaned things up a bit. I spent quite some time trying to get pictures of my fish, but they move way too fast, and they're afraid of the camera. I suppose it looks like some large, menacing reef creature to them. But the corals and other finless critters make easier subjects. So here we go:

Red-legged hermit crab, mugging for the camera:
Handsome hermit crab

Tridacnid clam: One species of these (but not the one I have) is what's known as a giant clam. They glow so beautifully under lights, because they have special algae on their mantles that luminesce and make energy from light. Without its algae--and a lot of light--the clam would die.
Tridacnid clam (species unknown)

Blue sponge: My newest creature, which I just got Saturday. It's a lot prettier than the sponges under my kitchen sink! And in case you're wondering, sea sponges like this one are animals, but very primitive ones. Kinda like husbands...
Blue sponge

Zooanthid polyps, a type of soft coral:
Zooanthid polyps

I'll keep trying to get good pics of the fish.

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