Thursday, May 24, 2007

Funny (and probably all-too-accurate) EMS codes

I've been a bit too busy to do much writing lately, so I thought I'd share someone else's great blog post. has a hilarious post from Emergency Medicine News called Describing the indescribable, a list of emergency medical codes that should exist. My favorite:

20-702 Envenomation from attempting to cuddle with Pit Viper.

ROTFLMAO. The sad thing is, people really do this stuff! Some idiot up in Battleground, WA, nearly died from a rattlesnake bite a few years ago--a bite which happened when he was attempting to kiss the rattlesnake! If he had died, he'd have been a shoo-in for a Darwin Award.

I hope to actually write something in the next couple of days. I have some garden pics to post and a few comments about my night at the opera last Saturday. Oh, and I'll have to brag about my new computer, which arrived last night. But I'll be so busy getting it set up that I'll be lucky to find much time to write.

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