Tuesday, May 08, 2007

ID and Fingerprints to Sell Used CDs? You must be joking.

Ars technica reports that several states, especially Florida, are putting new restrictions on the sale of used CDs. These laws are similar to those that govern pawn shops, requiring stores to request ID and even fingerprints from people who wish to sell their used CDs. Supposedly these laws will make it harder for people to sell stolen or counterfeit goods, but as the article notes, one can see the heavy hand of the music industry behind them. Back in the late 80s the industry went to court to stop the sale of used CDS--and lost. Now, when users can buy a used CD, rip it, then resell it easily, music execs are probably freaking out about piracy. I'd have more sympathy if prices for CDs were more reasonable, legally-purchased digital music came with fewer onerous restrictions, and the RIAA stopped extorting money from people they accuse of piracy, many of whom are innocent. I have no problem paying for music, but I do have a problem with a) being ripped off, and b) seeing the RIAA use copyright law as a tool of extortion while doing all they can to limit technological advances in the music industry.

OK, rant over. And if you're looking for a legal way to unload some unwanted CDs, I recommend LaLa. It's a great site that automates CD trading via posted want lists and have lists. There are also some cool social networking features built in. I've been using it since last summer, and I've gotten a lot of great music from other users. If you want to sign up, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know, so I can send you an invitation. Then when you join, I get a free t-shirt :-)

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